Teaching them to READ!

About me…

Literacy has been a huge part of my entire life.  My mom always tells stories of how she used to force me to put my books down to go outside and play.   Oh, I wish I had access to the books we have now when I was growing up.  My father was in the military, and I grew up in Germany on remote military bases.  Libraries weren’t a part of my life, but every chance I could I would do extra chores in hopes of saving enough money to buy a new book.  The problem was I would have the book read before the night was over!

My professional career is going on 24 years!  I began teaching mentally challenged and learning disabled students.  I know working with these students really lead me to a deeper understanding of each small step it takes in order to learn how to read.  After seven years of teaching Special Education, I moved to the regular classroom.  After earning my masters degree in reading, I worked as a Literacy Coach in Maryland in the Montgomery County School District.  I worked with teachers each day by providing materials and guiding instruction.  I missed working with students, so I returned to the classroom as a first grade teacher.  What a perfect grade for a Reading Specialist… teaching students the beginning skills of learning to read!   During this time, I earned an English as Second Language degree as I was teaching many students who spoke a different first language. Again this experience provided me with more insight into how students learn to read.

Wow!  Now I am working as a Reading Specialist again, but this time with students and teachers.  I really love the combination of working with teachers, but having the hands on practice of working with students too.

I am also a mother of a wonderful 14 year son, Jordon!  I love my two cats, reading, technology, fashion, sushi, and friends.



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